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We offer all tiers of web design, from scalable packaged solutions to get you online and grow with your success to fully custom omnichannel commerce sites. We also bolster our sites with automations, SEO & cutting edge analytical tools which allow us to optimise the quality of the visiting traffic and its propensity to convert.

Our web design & development offerings

Shopify Web Design & Development

We know Shopify is a ‘build it yourself’ web-builder, however, many clients still like to have their sites built & managed for them. This is because of Shopify’s capabilities, support and integrations. As a Shopify partner, Ecom Bakery can help you get the most from your Shopify store from the get go, incorporating powerful SEO, high quality copy and creative!

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Original Site Build

We can build your site to specification. After an interview stage and outline of your desired outcomes, we begin with a mock-up. After our second meeting, your mock-up will begin to come to life! Choose to sit in on the project or relax as our capable team expertly crafts a complete finished product for you. Our typical lead time for 5 page sites is 3-9 days depending on scope.

Prices from £397 ->

Website Consultation

Unsure what steps to take next to best grow your e-commerce centred operations? Let an expert perspective create a report and recommendations document for you to build a roadmap from. Whilst we only offer this to sites, we feel we can unlock value in, we do consider all applicants and can conduct the full consultation remotely. Get in touch to see if we’re a good fit!

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Social Media Management

Our unique social media strategies and proprietary analytical tools allow us to target your key converting traffic whilst optimising our approach for exponential results month on month.

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SEO Management

Our SEO services enable us to create powerful on-page SEO in combination with informative & valuable off-page SEO. We engage your target audience to generate recurring & accurate free traffic for your businesses’ products and services.

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Paid Traffic Marketing

We offer a variety of paid traffic services including PPC and SEM. Our marketing strategies and techniques drive performance with fine-tunability to maximise your ROAS whilst diversifying your budgets exposure.

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