We use our expert teams to manage specialist operations in your business and showcase the benefits of a full-service e-commerce agency. With our ability, we reach beyond the possibilities of a company’s single hire to give you the feeling of an entire workforce driving the success of your operations. The reasons to outsource sections of your business are broad, however, the goal is focused; to deliver a service better than before, with scalable solutions that compliment and optimise your current staff’s time, skillsets and KPIs.

Our enterprise solutions can build a powerful and attentive team around your departmental goals. Outsourcing management to our expert-led teams allows you to benefit from our wider picture understanding of traditionally very niche services. We don’t adapt to your brand we become an extension of it and take this very seriously.

At Ecom Bakery, we cater to all stages of the SME lifecycle. Our management solutions begin from less than £50 a week and can be built using our interlocking plans to tailor to your business and growth map. This allows for an optimised delivery on our management products as well as full report-ability for transparent discussions about your management direction during your monthly consultancy call.

How we can help your business.

Social Media Management

Our unique social media strategies and proprietary analytical tools allow us to target your key converting traffic whilst optimising our approach for exponential results month on month.

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SEO Management

Our SEO services enable us to create powerful on-page SEO in combination with informative & valuable off-page SEO. We engage your target audience to generate recurring & accurate free traffic for your businesses’ products and services.

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Paid Traffic Marketing

We offer a variety of paid traffic services including PPC and SEM. Our marketing strategies and techniques drive performance with fine-tunability to maximise your ROAS whilst diversifying your budgets exposure.

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Sales Pipeline Management

We have developed, taught and implemented many different sales pipeline strategies for various niches and industries. Let us bring B2B & B2C traffic to your products using our highly trained sales teams, remote closers & CRM automations.

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Lead Generation

Let us handle your lead generation. Our expert team can source, enrich and verify leads to generate hyper-specific lead lists for you to work with. Our lead lists are developed using proprietary techniques, big data and with compliance as a priority.

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Project Management

Are you juggling with various teams & freelancers on your solopreneur journey, or just find your time is allocated best elsewhere? Outsource your management and let us keep on top of important KPIs & user metrics.

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Distinctive Competencies.

Outsourcing to specialist management may seem like a hurdle for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially when your business is your baby. However, outsourcing can help your company focus on its core competencies and improve productivity. You also access Ecom Bakery's expertise, resources and knowledge. Our management of your non-specialist departments creates a cost-effective way to improve your businesses’ performance, whilst avoiding costly hires, training and internal management expenses.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Social Media Management in Tech.

The technology industry is vast and diverse, with niche groups of customers. One of our B2B technology clients has utilised our Social Media Management Pro package to optimise their Instagram presence, resulting in significant outcomes.

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SEO Management, Maintain Your Lingo.

Ecom Bakery has experience with writing for technical industries, enabling us to document & convey your tech or engineering processes with communicative dialogue. Our SEO backlinks are written using researched, clear & concise terminology.

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High Ticket Product PPC Management.

We specialise in working with high ticket ecommerce companies, this is not solely based on AOV. If your products demand higher prices due to their superior qualities or intangible benefits, we can manage translating these benefits to the market.

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