As an Influencer, you’ve got the passion and drive for your niche with the audience to prove it. We don’t claim to be ‘influencer management’ as quite frankly, you are your own boss, and you got into this industry to be a leading figure within your niche. Therefore, our offerings for influencers are simple, due to the multi-faceted nature of Ecom Bakery, we have opportunities for creators at any scale. We can curate brand deals, offer freelance opportunities and even build your own business with you!

Our offerings allow influencers to add additional and secure streams of revenue to cement a long-term successful career with the opportunity to diversify further. Our full-service capabilities and track record with numerous manufacturers and markets allow us to do the heavy lifting for any avenue with an expert understanding of modern e-commerce, applications and paid communities.

How we can help you.

Launch your own business

Let us work with you to create, launch, scale and optimise your dream business. Our unique relationships, proprietary techniques, intellectual property and buying power positions Ecom Bakery to be your preferred business partner. We don’t just build businesses, we build brands. When we work together, we become lifelong partners in your career as an influencer, with the ability to make anything you set your mind to become a reality from conception to exit.

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Brand deals and advertisement

As a content creator and influencer, you want to work organically and efficiently with brands whose values and messages are translated within your community. We have experience in matching brands in this style to achieve consistent and reliable results that don’t dilute your contents message, whilst ensuring you get paid promptly. Some brands can even become life-long partners, where we nurture and cultivate unique deals over time to get you the best from the brand-influencer relationship.

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Freelance talent roster

You don’t need millions of followers to make money from a career in the social eye. With Ecom Bakery, you can join us as a freelance talent partner. We regularly get work opportunities for influencers due to the unique skillsets they have, regardless of their follower count. These range from smaller brand integrations, UGC content and polling right up to consulting advisory roles. Learn more below to read about our shared successes in this element and our application process.

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Our Impact

Across our team, we have built numerous businesses in both niche and highly competitive industries. We have a breadth of manufacturing, logistics and scaling capabilities with our core products being e-commerce stores, web-apps and paid communities. We keep influencers of any size on our roster for a range of regular paid opportunities. We are also able to establish long-lasting partnerships with brands which both fit your audience and don’t dilute your contents message

Influencer Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Influencer Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

High-conversion affiliate marketing deal agreed in difficult niche.

Sponsorship for niche Tik Tok creator agreed from perfect brand partner. No dilution of the original content with excellent potential for affiliate commission. This deal was sourced, terms agreed, meetings had with key stakeholders and negotiated all within one working day. Our team can partner you with extremely beneficial partners using favourable terms and conditions in an extremely quick timeframe.

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Talent networking & growth for new influencer.

We agreed an alternative monetisation technique with a small budding creator. Our technique for small accounts gives influencers of any size regardless of their account a start in generating a regular income from social media, without any change to their message. We would scale with you over time to build a solid springboard for your growth and further projects.

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Generating stable revenue sources for rapidly growing social media brand.

We have partnered with a seasoned influencer and entrepreneur in their passion project, primarily themed around a very heavily regulated and difficult market. Ecom bakery has consulted with the pair for finding the best route for scaling their new venture into the market without brand dilution. With this becoming a success, we are now looking to monetise their community & generate sustainable business opportunities around their brand.

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