Creative services are vital to the success of your SME. Your customers’ first touch-points with your business are generated & retained by you or your teams’ creative disciplines. With creative being paramount, it is important to be able to execute without flaw whilst conveying your brands image accurately to your target market. Our creative services are combined with other faucets of Ecom Bakery’s unique capabilities, this ensures a technology backed umbrella solution which mitigates risk whilst exceeding creative KPIs. This allows our creative services provide more ROI than a traditional agency.

We collaborate with clients of most sizes for our creative services. Our specialist strategies maximise your creative budget whether you are migrating to e-commerce, a start-up or scaling an already successful brand. At Ecom Bakery, we have a full-service creative house with the ability to expand to meet client demands. We offer website building, web design, graphic design, copywriting & video editing amongst many more niche services.

How we can help your business.

Web Design & Development

We offer all tiers of web design, from scalable packaged solutions to get you online and grow with your success to fully custom omnichannel commerce sites. We also bolster our sites with automations & cutting edge analytical tools which allow us to optimise the quality of the visiting traffic.

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Content Creation

Ecom Bakery covers a broad spectrum of content, including graphic design, product photography, video editing & production. Even including our lite content creation packs, you have direct contact to a product lead who not only understands content creation but how to optimise its impact for your businesses’ KPIs.

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Our copywriting services can be used to create persuasive pieces of text for marketing, news articles, advertising, product text and any call to action. We amplify our copywriting with credible research & SEO to create long-form articles which rank your business & increase customer retention.

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Our Impact

Blisteringly fast sites, exciting & unique content generation, picture perfect motion content and traffic generating copy. Our unique creative capabilities elevate your businesses’ presence in the eye of high margin, optimised, audiences.

Our Creative Metrics


Average OTV.


Average ROS.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Start-up business boosting long term free traffic whilst maximising budget.

A holistic enterprise solution that combines our Shopify web development with on page SEO, Creative and static content generates traffic which contains 48.7% of their highest margin converting customers by week 2.

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eBay listing uniformity increases brand recognition in crowded marketplace.

Electronics company still manages to generate high levels of free traffic in a crowded marketplace due to recognisable listing templating. This has increased lifetime value whilst lowering acquisition costs.

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Product page copy reduces customer service strain and increases conversions.

After creating informative and direct product copy to highlight key technical details for a niche IT parts distribution company, their customer service strain dramatically reduced alongside a decrease in returns.

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