At Ecom Bakery, we consult through a fresh lens, one which pairs experience and IP to a comprehensive grasp of modern e-commerce. Whilst our consultancy fields are niche, the unique structure to Ecom Bakery allows for all recommended implementations to be managed and serviced in-house. This optimises time, budget and ultimately provides a level of control and understanding to your strategy and operations moving forwards that is unavailable elsewhere.

We have helped people build, grow and plan their businesses from an outside perspective. The strategies produced from this moving forward provide a fruitful roadmap to escape plateaus and contextualise hesitations. Ecom Bakery has proprietary analysis tools for e-commerce businesses, providing a unique insight into your customer journeys from individual sources and can identify bottlenecks in their acquisition. We create robust operational strategies that link the people within your business directly to their operational goals with a motivation and execution centred focus.

Our Consultancy Fields.


An outside perspective on the most challenging aspects of your business’ growth can save you both time and money. Ecom Bakery was created to tackle your e-commerce plateaus head on and with the ability to follow up on our recommendations through our expert team, we provide the most seamless consulting in the industry.

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Creator Monetisation

Creators, you’ve developed an audience from your passion. We can consult and create cutting edge businesses around your audiences, passions and future goals. Ecom Bakery is the experienced catalyst for an exponential, sustainable, well-rounded career based off of what you already love to do and excel at.

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Omnichannel Diversification

You have a successful eBay UK business account, Etsy store or Amazon Seller Account, which is great! But you’re at the mercy of one marketplace, Ecom Bakery has consulted and managed many marketplace transitions, specialising in giving you full ownership of your business and mitigating risk.

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How we can help.

Ecom Bakery have developed a proprietary framework which is proven to work on a variety of high-ticket e-commerce applications. For a more detailed breakdown on our innovative process, please click more info below.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Omnichannel Diversification for Niche Tech Brand.

The questions initially asked were “how to grow my eBay business” & “how to grow eBay sales”. After our consultation, we proposed one of our omnichannel diversification strategies & began tackling their root issue from a different perspective. By month one, the brand generated 4.1% of its monthly revenue from our new channel, & by month four, this had been scaled to be 27.2% of their total revenue for that month.

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E-Commerce FMCG Strategy Consultation Expands Target Visitors by 29%.

Ecom Bakery's proprietary tools allows us to quantify your social traffics propensity to convert. After a conversion propensity analysis, it was identified that areas for optimisation within the companies free social traffic funnelling was falling short of their industry standards on-target site visitors. Due to our full-service capabilities, we are also able to implement the solution in its entirety.

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Increased Market Share & Profitability for a Saturated Product.

Our brief was to find areas that increase market share & profitability. After a full course of consultancy, both away and at the business’ premises, a strategic plan was developed for 2023. The plan was presented to key stakeholders of the business, beginning to link people & process, with a follow up meeting discussing priorities & corporate alignment with their implementation road map.

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