At Ecom Bakery, we break branding down further than just ‘image’. We believe when branding, we are managing your company’s reputation and professional appearance. Our branding services reflect this by progressing beyond the offerings of logo design, business cards and colour palettes.

 Strong branding can help to mitigate negative perceptions towards your business and incidents that may arise. Customers are more likely to trust and forgive a company that they have a strong relationship with. This can be especially important in crisis situations, where effective communication and reputation management can be critical to the success of a business. At Ecom Bakery, we can combine our unique offerings to become a powerful & measurable multi-faceted compliment to the creation and direction of your brand. Our unique approach allows quantifiable results with A/B testing to re-enforce start-up branding as well as monitor key metrics for your brands public appearance.

Branding elevates your professional appearance; it helps to create a cohesive and consistent image for your company or individual. This can help to establish a sense of professionalism and credibility, which is important for not only businesses that are seeking to attract and  retain customers or clients but high profile personal brands and influencers.

How we can help your business.

Brand Design

Ecom Bakery can generate consistent and relevant branding assets for your business that accurately portray brand values and your key points of differentiation. Our visual branding strategies can create unique user experiences across all customer touch points in your business. Request a proposal to begin discussing your branding design project and our enterprise solution. For start-ups or budget-lead SME’s, we offer brand design tiered packs.

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Brand Perception

As a business owner, understanding and quantifying your current brands public perception can be tough. A positive perception of your brand is more likely to provide organic growth as well as an increased customer LTV. Ecom Bakery’s strategy contextualises your product or services’ perceived value, this understanding can provide a basis to maximise the return on investment in your goods and services from a monetary, social and marketability perspective.

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Brand Maintenance

Is maintaining your brand becoming difficult, or you feel core values and metrics are being strayed away from? External brand maintenance does more than keep operations running as they should, it provides a constant backbone of SOPs & total neutrality. Ecom Bakery allows your company to be more reactive during M&A processes, seasonality in CSM & CRM roles, peak customer service requirements and during new hires.

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Branding Vs. Marketing

Branding often gets grouped with marketing. Branding has a unique value to your business; a brand voice projects who and what you are about as a business to your customers in a single glance, for free! The picture is a collage of AI generated “Brands”. You’ll notice the muddiness in their message, this is exactly how your brand looks to people who don’t affiliate with it, once this visualisation is understood, the importance of solid branding is revealed.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Branding Strategy in 2023

A few of our clients have asked us to review their branding strategies for 2023. With market and consumer preferences rapidly changing, we have been able to generate reports to ensure consistency within their brands. Here we discuss the top 3 branding errors and how to re-align them.

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Branding With Graphic Design

Due to Ecom Bakery’s unique capabilities, we can service your businesses branding with a holistic approach. This allows us to give your business a visual language, through design we can represent your values, mission and messaging to be translated and used across all of your customer touch points.

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Branding and Marketing Agency

Benefit from our economies of scale and access integrated approaches for your e-commerce business. At Ecom Bakery, we develop a seamless interconnectivity between your brand and marketing that allows company credibility & customer trust to become a scalable metric for boosting high-ticket LTVs.

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