Automaton gives SMEs powerful invisible hands to make the everyday easier. With Ecom Bakery, we offer pre-packaged solutions right up to unique robotic process automations (RPA). RPAs can also create almost unachievable levels of accuracy and uniformity for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Implementing automations in your business can also improve employee morale as it allows workers to remain engaged in the more interesting work outside of processes and routine compliance. We also consult; therefore, we can identify these benefits and their routes to implementation for you within your business. Our team can meet all enterprise demands and can build automations into any routine or specialist processes you can break down into tasks. We have the experience and reach to provide a full and comprehensive portfolio of development stacks, application methods and data analysis practices to create the most utility from your automation tools.

How we can help your business.

Data Automation

We can automate your data handling processes in compliance with GDPR & CCPA requirements. Our data automation offerings range from pre-built tools to be used as a plug and play solution to fully customisable data automation scripts and programmes. Alongside gathering, we can also automate your data cleaning and data analysis to be exported to any dashboard platform or database.

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Process Automation

Let us see how your businesses routine processes can be automated to save you time and let your staff focus on more profitable areas of their work. We can create automations for your website to streamline customer, fulfilment and acquisition processes as well as developing internal systems and client portals. If you feel you are regularly doing mundane activities within your business, it is likely it can be automated.

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Task Automation

Let our external & experienced perspective analyse your business and identify hidden areas for automation. We can help SMEs of all staff sizes; task automation especially benefits smaller businesses where departments tend to be blurred and people wear many hats. We can fill in the cross-overs of your specialised staff to maximise the task allocation to your focused experts.

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Our Impact

The time we save allows businesses to re-distribute scarce resources elsewhere. For this repair company, our automations meant they had 20.2% more capacity to focus on their key revenue generating operations per day. Alongside this, the specific implementation has also saved on hiring and training costs.


Job capacity - No new hires.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

Client Results.Wins.Successes.Achievements.

How we gave a company one whole day back every week.

Our automations freed up a vital 24 hours 25 minutes a week for a single employee business. Allowing them to focus more on their incoming job list and in-turn reducing customer wait times whilst generating more revenue to scale.

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Resellers competitive advantage from market-setting data led pricing tool.

Our proprietary pricing algorithms allowed us to develop a scalable solution for a rapidly growing reselling company. Reducing response time to leads to acquire more stock whilst real time pricing optimisation maximises selling profits.

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How a hire company takes complex bookings whilst out of office.

After dissecting the tele-booking process, we adapted an online booking tool using conditional automations to maximise the profitability of complex & niche hires without any human interaction.  

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