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Ecom Bakery is an Ecommerce Consulting Agency, our team and operations are all over the world however, primarily in the UK. We help Ecommerce business owners, influencers and established companies create some of the most exciting and revolutionary brands, apps and paid communities around. Unsure where to start, we can consult with a top-down approach to find gaps in your market, uncover hidden growing pains and implement scalable solutions to ensure the longevity and exponentiality of your business. Ecom Bakery is in the unique position of being a full-service consulting agency, this means our agency side is ready to go at a moment’s notice to implement complete solutions in a trustworthy manner. Our ethos to consulting is to always solve the fundamental issue, not mask it with future ones or hope to ‘grow the business out of it’.

At Ecom Bakery, we offer a complete and easy access service whilst maintaining the care, attention to detail and responsibility of being a member of your in-house team. Our services are designed to give your start-up or SME the feel and power of a fully departmentalised multi-national. We can accelerate your growth whilst maintaining your brand and accepting your need for adaptability as our own.

We understand our complete packages may offer more than you need, so please feel free to have a look below at our separated offerings. All of our services can be packaged and are built to complement each other, please discuss with your product lead or account manager to discuss expanding or reducing your services offerings. We will be more than happy to help!

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